Multiroom AV

Multi Room Audio Video (AV) gives you complete control of your media including music and video distribution by using a custom made wired and wireless network.

Not only is all wiring and equipment hidden from view it means your audio/video equipment can be broadcast to any or multiple locations from a central point and controlled easily with a simple to use reliable bespoke control system.

These installations offer wall mounted TV's, Discreet in-ceiling or on-wall speakers, combined with stylish keypads or remote controls offering virtually no intrusion into your living space.


Home Cinema

Home Cinema or Media Rooms will typically have large high definition screens and a top quality  sound system like a Dolby Atmos or similar.You may want to make any speakers discrete or have them blend in with the décor so as to make them less obtrusive when the room is used for other purposes.

Whatever system you choose, Redington can fully integrate your home cinema or media room within your Smart Home system for simple, total control.


A simple touch on your digital control panel, and you can dim the lights, drop the blackout blinds, even set the room temperature and begin the show!