The HomeScreen Deluxe is a fixed frame screen with black velvet frame as well as the latest technology in projection surfaces designed for 4K and Ultra HD to maximise the technology of your projector. The larger standard black frame gives the eye a point of reference.


The HomeScreen Deluxe is the ultimate in home cinema luxury with a high quality and black velvet frame finish and the best screen surfaces on the market. HD Progressive is designed to perfectly reflect and preserve the image being projected. As projection technologies advance, the surface must work harder to preserve every last pixel. With industry leading colour fidelity, image uniformity and surface granularity, HD Progressive Contrast is the only option for 4K, 8K and more, all the way up to 16K.

Projecta progressive 1.1 Contrast 4k UHD fixed screen

    • Luxurious and high quality fixed frame screen with a black velvet frame finish
    • The flat aluminium frame has a black velvet cover, which eliminates reflection and serves to absorb projected light
    • The frame (8 cm wide and 3 cm deep) features a bevelled edge, reducing shadowing in the viewing area
    • The projection screen surface is attached to the rear of the screen with Velcro®
    • The frame and projection screen surface can be custom made to project requirements
    • The projection surface is exceptionally flat, making it suitable for all types of data and video projection
    • The frame is easy to mount with the supplied mounting brackets