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The RLED45CC1 is a wireless 45w constant current dimming LED module, suitable for ceiling or cupboard mounting.


A 45W constant current LED dimmer with in-built RF receiver and Rako processor for constant current LED fittings. Selectable outputs of 350, 500, 600, 700 and 1000mA with a forward voltage range of 3-45V DC. The RLED45CC1 is fed from a suitable DC power supply to provide an adequate forward voltage, Rako recommends the RAPSU48.

The module is connected in-line before the first fitting and can control up to 13 LEDs in series (note: some fittings may use multiple LEDs, if in doubt refer to Rako's technical department) with a maximum wattage of 45W.

Controlled from any Rako Rakom device, e.g. RCM wall plates or Bridge interface units.



  • Designed to fit through a ceiling cut-out of 50mm diameter or greater the RLED45CC1 is fed from a suitable DC power supply to provide an adequate forward voltage. The RAPSU48 is recommended. The unit can also be used for exterior lighting control applications with the use of a weatherproof IP rated enclosure. Programmed using either an RCM RF wallplate or the RASOFT software suite, the unit stores the house, room and channel address plus 16 preset scene levels in non volatile memory. The RLED45CC1 dimmer can be controlled from any Rako transmitter such as RCM wallplates, RAH hand helds and Bridge modules and forms the foundation of any Rako scene-set system. For more information on dimming LEDs refer to Rako's application sheet ‘Controlling LED Lighting With Rako Dimmers and Modules'.

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