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The RMT-PILL dimmer is a 250w back-box dimmer for halogen and mains dimmable LED lighting loads.


A compact 250W RF dimmer designed to be located in a standard UK or European backbox. The RMT-Pill can be used either with or without a neutral allowing it to be used with dedicated wiring or retrofit into a standard wiring situation. Trailing edge technology for quiet reliable dimming of any non-inductive load when used with a neutral or tungsten GLS and tungsten halogen GU10 style lamps when used without. Controlled from any Rako Rakom device or simple contact closure input using a momentary push switch.


  • Designed to a fit in a standard UK or European back-box the RMTPill, whether used with or without a neutral, has full RF receiving capability and the same programmability as other Rako dimmers. The “Pill” dimmer is useful for installations where fitting a standard Rako dimmer is difficult e.g. retro-fitting to control wall-lights. The RMT-PILL can be controlled from any Rako transmitter such as RCM wallpanels, RAH hand held, timeclocks and forms an integral part of a Rako scene-set system. The RMT-PILL dimmer can also be controlled from a simple momentary action switch giving ON/OFF control allowing cost effective extra panels. Control from simple panels still allows the dimmer to be used as part of an overall home control system with Master Off and macro command response.

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