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Network interface for Rako wireless systems with built in cloud services interface, time and advanced programming features.


A powerful network interface for use with a Rako wireless system. A network and cloud interface with time based functionality as well as conditional logic and advanced system features. The RK-HUB can be free standing or wall mounted, using the bracket provided.


  • NETWORK INTERFACE Plugged either directly, or via a network, into a router, giving the system the following features; App Control, System Programming and 3rd Party Control system interface. CLOUD INTERFACE Allows the Rako system to be integrated with 3rd party cloud services via a ‘’ account including Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Apple Homekit and Sonos integration. REAL-TIME CLOCK FUNCTIONALITY Real-time functionality, allowing timed events, holiday mode, dawn/dusk settings and calendar scheduling. The location and time zone of the HUB can be set for anywhere in the world. ADVANCED/CONDITIONAL PROGRAMMING Mapping and Macro control allow advanced programming with conditional outputs from either a wired or wireless trigger command.

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