CCTV/ Video Cameras

One of the most effective ways to secure your home or business is to install CCTV cameras.


Reddington Smart Home Systems provide bespoke security solutions that address your requirements as well as budget.

Installing security cameras, enables you to view your premises remotely from almost anywhere.You can monitor what is happening on your mobile phone, tablet or PC, giving you total piece of mind.

CCTV technology is advancing rapidly, and to keep up with this fast-changing market we at Reddington Systems supply only the best products to our customers.


An increasingly wide range of devices are now common-place in home surveillance, allowing you to not only view live feeds from your smart device, but listen in to an audio feed, or even control the movement of cameras from wherever you happen to be.

SMART Doorbells & Intercoms

SMART Doorbells &  Intercoms are devices that can be positioned at any external door or gate.

Visitors can press a button on the intercom and you will be able to see and talk to them from screens in your house or from your phone or tablet. You can even do this when you're not at home as long as you have a 4G/5G or WiFi signal.

With a door intercom system that is connected to your SMART home system you could also:

  • Pause aTV programme

  • Play an announcement over your SMART speaker system

  • Disable the ringing mechanism at the touch of a button

  • Switch a light on or off

  • Unlock a door or gate to allow entry for deliveries etc.

Alarms Systems

Be secure on the move, wherever you are in the world – arm your home alarm from anywhere, at anytime.


Our smartphone app takes the hassle away from arming your home alarm each time you leave for work or to pick up the kids from school.


From here, you can arm, disarm and control your security from wherever you are in the world, as long as you have an internet connection.

We'll ensure that your alarm system integrates with your SMART home system, allowing you full control over the security of your home wherever you happen to be.